Ubertor’s Site of the Week: Oakville’s Sotheby’s International Realty

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Sotheby’s International Realty in Oakville and Two Column Marketing (Ubertor Approved Vendor) for their beautiful one of a kind website. Anyone who’s been or heard of Oakville knows the town associates itself as the upper-class bourgeois neighbourhood of Toronto. With all it’s class and luxury, many of its clientele demand a certain level of luxury and Sotheby’s Oakville Realty definitely satisfies those cravings. There are three features of this website we would like to highlight.


Any web designer will tell you the most important page on any website is the homepage. This homepage will strike any visitor with it’s stunning design and functionality. Using a large photo of a luxury living room immediately portrays a symbol of luxury and comfort. Most realtors would have a large exterior image of a mansion or villa, but what’s unique about this website is the interior photo combines the luxury feel with an added level of comfort leaving more to the imagination for the client.

Price Range Feature

The second feature we thought was worth highlighting is how they market their property price ranges. This is one of the few websites we have come across that refers to it’s price ranges as the “Luxury Collection”, “Navy Series” or “The Registry” as if the client just walked into a niche fashion or art gallery. Not only is it a feature clients will love, but again it’s another example of how they incorporate their design philosophy of luxury into every aspect of their website.

Active Listings

The final feature we’d like to highlight is the design and layout of their active listings. In most cases design and functionality are substitutes and sometimes you’re left with a compromise between the two. Two Column Marketing was able to showcase these magnificent properties in a stunning, easy to navigate manner. By placing tiles of images in one page the client is able to view all the properties without having to navigate across pages or scroll up and down too far. All the client has to do is move their cursor over the image and they are given a brief introduction of the property’s features. Clicking on the listing however is a whole different story. Right off the bat you’ll notice high resolution photos that show-off the beauty of these stunning properties. We definitely encourage all our clients to contact us and see how we can help you showcase your properties in the same manner.

This website is definitely one we’ll always love and visit time and time again for inspiration and we definitely encourage you to scroll by and take a look for yourselves.

Thank you Two Column Marketing for building a truly stunning and inspiring website on our Ubertor platform. We definitely encourage you to contact our team or Two Column Marketing to see how we can help you create a visually stunning website such as this one. We’re always happy to help!


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