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Combustion is Moving

We are going to be moving out of our current location very quickly. The new unit is almost ready. Here is where we are now: I’ll post some pictures of…

Google Local Search

Google has launched its local search functionality in BETA format. Its quite a cool way to search online as it allows you to find what you are looking for per…

Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine – Boom Bust & Echo – February 2005

Below Article From: Vancouver LifeStyles Magazine February 2005 Stephen Jagger and Michael Stephenson may not have come to the business world with as much experience as the players in SPORG,…

New Nameservers (DNS)

For referrence, here are the new nameservers: has address has address has address has address

Jim Noonan – Macdonald Realty Kerrisdale

We are always happy when our clients take the time out of their busy days to write us with their thoughts on our products, services and staff. Here is what…

Ubertor Changes

Some small changes were rolled out to the Ubertor system the other day. Most of them were very minor upgrades but there was one change that is quite effective and…

Victoria, BC – Thurday and Friday

I’m off to Victoria on Thursday for 2 days to assist Patrick Nixon, as he is now located in the Capital City and getting Combustion going on the island. I…