6 Random Photos

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I’m just going through some photos and figured I would post a couple of them here….

david in san francisco
Here is my business partner Mike Stephenson, myself and David Heinemeier Hansson in San Francisco at Dotties True Blue Cafe having breakfast a couple of years ago.

ubertor staff and contractors
Here is some of the Vancouver Ubertor team in December 2005

homer yaletown
I snapped this shot at the opening of the Homer and Helmcken sales center a while back. Lots of condo buyers looking to snap up Vancouver’s precious downtown units.

zillow office view
I took this picture about 5 months ago from the offices of Zillow. What a nice view they have from their downtown Seattle offices.

Myself and Mike Stephenson in Chicago doing some sight seeing after a workshop at 37Signals in September 2004.

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