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Over the last few weeks some of our clients have moved from our older versions of our software to the latest Ubertor website software. With change comes questions, challenges and opportunities. Many of our clients have embraced Google and the benefits it can bring, blogging, as well as the unique flexibility that our website software provides. Here are just a few emails that I have received over the past few days.


adam smithSteve, I’ve been following your advice about blogging. It’s only been a couple of weeks but I am showing up in google and getting more referrals so that’s good.


Adam D Smith


joel carconeStephen,

I want to thank you again for your on going support with both of my websites. I like to see that your company continues to stay ahead of the producing new technology that allows Realtors to have a competitive advantage with web based marketing.

Thanks for you time on the phone on a Friday evening. Your work ethic is impressive! I will continue to recommend business to you…

Joel Carcone


think tom real estateThanks Steve. I truly love our site now. It is an great example, in my humble opinion, of a website that clearly displays the personalities of the owners and yet has an incredible array of functions that are second to none in the real estate industry. You guys have done a fantastic job and I’m not one to use those words lightly.

…you really offer a fantastic product.

Tom Everitt

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