What is Craigslist.org? really

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Ok, these questions come up all the time…
What is craigslist.org? Who is this guy? How does he make money if the whole site is free?

This might help…

Since Craig Newmark founded the site in 1995 simply to “help out, in a very small way” he has resisted an onslaught of advertising offers, multi-million-dollar buy outs and even the courtship of national TV shows and Hollywood studios. Now for the first time, for a single, random twenty-four hour period, he has opened up the list to an underground film crew to go behind the scenes and come face to face with some of the posters on the world’s biggest “digital commons”. Here is the trailer for the movie:

More details here – www.24hoursoncraigslist.com

Did you know.. Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist.org met with the Ubertor founders?

One answer

  1. Delia
    2/2/2007 at 4:31 pm

    Re: What is Craigslist.org? really

    Hi Stephen,

    Good question! If they want to keep calling themselves “craigslist.org” – if you try to access craigslist.com it automatically redirects you to craigslist.org – they should voluntarily disclose their profits!


    P.S. are they worthy of the “org” designation or are they just talking the grand talk and… quietly pocketing the money? D.

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