Environmental Bug – has it hit you?

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Lately the world seems to getting more and more on the environment band wagon. Have you?

– Macdonald Realty offers their clients the ability to make all of their real estate transactions earth friendly with their MacGreen Program.

– James Rodgers has built his real estate business around being a Greener Realtor

Ian Watt is discontinuing the realtor standard “just sold” unaddressed flyers and sending all of their just listed flyers electronically via email to those who sign up and who are interested in their service.

What are you doing to “get green”?

2 Answers

  1. Patricia Houlihan
    10/29/2007 at 2:50 pm

    HI Steve,
    I think as realtors, there is a lot that we can do….glad you like my MacGreen idea-but the carbon offsetting was step 3 in the plan-just like recycle comes after reduce and reuse in the 3 Rs, in the contest, I suggested the offsets as step 3 for realtors-I thought we should all try to:
    -not worry about the fancy cars and drive something as environmentally friendly as we can
    -try to drive less (I think we can do a lot just by arranging weekly apptmts to cut down on back tracking in our travel); I have bicycled to one apptmt but the seller (Not my client-my client biked with me to the apptmt) had a canary so I won’t be the running, riding realtor anytime soon!
    In addition to our real estate marketing websites, we have a website which is new and not that helpful yet-we need to work on it-but it is there to compile info on how people can live greener, where to buy reno supplies that are green, green developments, etc. Its livegreennow.ca and we love any ideas people want to contribute to it!
    Other things realtors can do is email docs as much as possible and when using paper, use both sides (i know it sounds stupid but it shocks me how many boxes of paper I see in the office where people have used one side and chucked it); when going for coffee, bring your own cup (also applies to other drinks)

    oops no time for more-gotta go

  2. James Rodgers
    11/1/2007 at 6:05 am

    Hi Steve, nice post. The Greener Realty Association of BC has been busy developing workshops, partnerships, and other supports for REALTORS(r) interested in greening their businesses. I encourage your readers to drop the Association an email – james@green-realty.com – to be put on their mailing list for green-realty related updates and info. I expect there will be some exciting announcements soon.

    As an aside, I have heard from REALTORS(r) who are greening their work by volunteering with neighbourhood organizations, donating a percentage of their commissions to relevant non-profit groups, and a 20+ year Real Estate Veteran who has given up his SUV for a bus pass and a membership in the Car Co-op – his business has never been better!

    Keep in mind that ‘green’ comes in a spectrum of shades and it behooves each of us and our industry to maintain the integrity of our services by not representing ourselves as ‘Green’ REALTORS(r) as that cannot be qualified at this point (although the Greener Realty Association and its partners are working on it). Our clients and the Canadian public in general, are becoming very educated and savvy regarding ‘green’ and false or misleading ‘green’ claims or qualifications will be quickly identified and tarnish our reputations and roles as communicators and trusted advisers.

    Warm Regards,

    James Rodgers
    Greener Realty Association

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