25 business owners with Seth Godin in NY

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21 Vancouver business owners traveled to New York this past week to meet with the famous marketing guru and best selling author Seth Godin. This intimate private event was setup as an opportunity for Seth to speak with us about marketing and being “remarkable” in all that we do. Plus we all had an opportunity to discuss our businesses with him and get his feedback, ideas, thoughts, etc on our specific businesses and industries.

Lots was gained by this exclusive opportunity. I took tons of notes from the full day event but wanted to point out a couple of things that Seth said that I found really interesting with regard to the real estate market.

First, he mentioned that 91% of real estate agents in the US don’t speak with their client after the closing of the deal. His point was that this is a tragedy and a loss of future opportunity. He talks about how marketing to people is difficult, especially if they are not listening. But past clients are listening and by marketing to them, you will see more results.

Seth also mentioned that if he was a real estate agent he would run a workshop on how to sell your home without a real estate agent. The idea being that it gets a bunch of people interested in selling their homes in a room with you, so that you can show them how much work can and does go into it. He said, some will go ahead and try and sell it themselves, but some will decide that it is too much work. It is an interesting thought.

Lots was gained by this workshop. It was a pleasure meeting Seth and having the opportunity to meet with him in such a small setting. Here are a few photos from the event:

michael jagger and stephen jagger with seth godin
Michael Jagger, Seth Godin and Stephen Jagger

seth godin workshop
The Group (sorry for the fuzzy photo)

vancouver eo
The Vancouver business owners (with 4 New Yorkers) and Seth Godin

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