“That’s easy, he is single, young and has the time”

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The above is a statement that I heard from multiple agents about Kye Grace’s 72 hour open house. It is not a direct quote from any specific agent, but the overall tone is what 3 different agents at different times mentioned to me. The interesting thing is, that Kye is not single, and has 3 kids at home who were all apart of this marketing idea.

This marketing idea has created a conversation. I spoke at a Century 21 event the other day and asked who has heard about the 72 hour open house and everyone in the room raised their hands. That’s awesome.

I spoke with developer friends of mine and he saw the coverage in the media. Again, awesome.

The point of this marketing effort is all about doing something different. If all of your colleagues are doing the same thing, then you should step out and do something else. You will get noticed.

Search “Kye Grace” in Google Blog search – right now, there are 377 blogs writing about him.

In response to some of the feedback that Kye received from myself and two other sources, he decided to shoot a quick video to answer the critics:

Again, a great use of video, where you get to see and hear Kye explain his position and his thoughts. There is no interpretation needed, as you hear it from his mouth directly through his use of online video.

On a side note, I received another video from Kye, speaking to me directly to thank me for the idea and the Ubertor team for their help. No thanks needed, an idea is just an idea if it is left on the shelf. Kye took a marketing idea and totally ran with it. He got sponsors, press coverage and massive support from the internet. He deserves all credit for the success of the 72 Hour Open House. Implementation of an idea is the most important part!

Congrats Kye.

3 Answers

  1. Kye Grace
    1/28/2009 at 5:45 pm

    Not yet…I was optimistic that something would happen over the weekend however I my goal was to raise awareness of the property being for sale.

    I have 3 showings booked for this week which is as many as I had in the first 2 months of having the listing. In fact two Realtors said they have clients who have been looking for brick exposed buildings 2500+ square feet for some time yet 21-120 Powell wasn’t on their radar. As long it begins to show consistently I would say my first goal was achieved.

    Next step an accepted offer!

    I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Peter Forai
    1/30/2009 at 1:01 pm

    Hi Kye; Well done! I think what you’ve done here is perhaps breathed some new life into a marketing technique, that statistically speaking, has not been the strongest tool in the Realtor’s marketing tool box. Only 3% of homebuyers first learned about the home they purchased through an open house. Whether it sells or not, I predict that you’ll be feeling the love from this for a very long time!(your wife may be a different story though . . . 😉

    Great Job!

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