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sociable-the-book-4Shane Gibson and I have written a book called “Sociable – How social media and social networking are turning sales and marketing up-side down“. We wanted to write the book in 90 days, which we have, it is currently being edited and will be ready for distribution and sales in June.

Shane explains how this idea came up on his blog:

This book idea really began as a discussion shortly after I interviewed Stephen Jagger for my sales podcast on “Twitter and” Then in January I shared with Steve my goal to write three more books this year and when the topic of Social Media for Sales People and Entrepreneurs came up we quickly decided that we should do it together. We will also be sharing with our readers how we have managed to write a book in 90 days at some point in the future.

If you are interested in pre registering for the book you can do that here. This website will be updated with more details shortly.

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