Ubertor – “Video Focused Real Estate Agent Websites”

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We have been working hard to integrate many video features to the Ubertor real estate agent website system over the last year. Have you had a chance to play with these features? Within your Ubertor website, click on the video tab and you can syndicate videos to YouTube and Viddler, host them on Combustion Video as well as record right from your browser through the Ubertor control panel. Not an Ubertor client? signup now to play with the video functionality of the system. video real estate agent websites for realtors 4Don’t worry, there is no setup fee, no contract, the first 30 days free and no obligation – so go ahead and give it a try.

Not only have we been working on adding lots of video functionality to the Ubertor system, but through our sister company Reachd.com we have been educating hundreds of real estate agents on the power of online video. Actually, Reachd.com has given out close to 1000 Flip Video Cameras to attendees of their online video course.

Online video is coming fast. Are you ready?

Take a look at what some of your colleagues are doing:

Ian Watt shoots a video 5 days a week from his car talking about downtown Vancouver real estate.

Tom Everitt shots a video from his “Garagio” about his thoughts on the real estate market

Mike Lefebvre uses his editing skills to create some fantastic real estate videos for his listings

The Hamre Team shoots all different types of videos for their Ottawa based real estate practice

Are you going to get involved with online video?

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