Abbotsford Video From Carlson Media

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Justin Carlson sent me a note about his new videos that he produced for RE/MAX. Here is the first one about Abbotsford, BC. For all you RE/MAX agents selling there, might be a good one to post on your websites.

At the beginning of July, Carlson Media was approached by RE/MAX to produce a series of web videos highlighting the different area’s of the valley, starting with Abbotsford, BC. After 2 beautiful days of filming in 30 degree weather, 20 water bottles and a sunburn later, we were able to capture some beautiful footage of this ‘City in the Country’.

RE/MAX: Abbotsford from Carlson Media on Vimeo.

UPDATE: I forgot that Vimeo does not like real estate content and blocks some of their videos on real estate sites. I have asked Justin for the video on a different player so that you can see it here. In the meantime just pop over to his blog to see it. (this is one of the reasons we created Combustion Video as more and more video platforms don’t want real estate content)

Second try:

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