Online Marketing – The Next Step For Realtors

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I talk to Realtors every day and it seems that most don’t put much emphasis on their online marketing. They have websites, and use email, but still focus their time and money on offline marketing efforts. While some offline efforts still work, using the web to promote and track your efforts is far superior. The internet gives you the power to market yourself, your business, your listings and track all of the efforts through tools like Google Analytics.

Are you interested in learning more? has over 600,000,000 users – a massive community – and there are ways that you can get involved and start communicating with people in your farm areas. Or Twitter, a fast growing social network, is great for an on the move agent looking to get involved. There are lots of ways to get involved.

Don’t know where to start?

Check out – they have in person training courses in Vancouver coming up in March that could be perfect for your business.

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