Email Testimonial From Realtor Jeffrey Sefton

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Tuesday morning’s email brought the team a big smile. Thanks to our Webinars and this blog, you may already know that you can submit your suggestions to our team via your control panel. These suggestions are then passed to our developers and launched as New Ubertor Features on this blog. We thank clients that submit their suggestions and let them know when they are launched.

Well, realtor Jeffrey Sefton suggested we added a button to turn off/on twitter updates for new listings and new openhouses. We told him that, thanks to his suggestion, all clients will now get the feature. Here’s how he replied:


Thanks for letting me know, great to hear!

When I put in the request to turn on/off the auto updates to twitter I was curious if I would hear back.  What a pleasant surprise to know that the Ubertor team listens and acts on client requests and implements them.

Having worked in my past life in the hospitality software development and services sector I know that the process of managing and implementing software enhancements takes plenty of time and effort behind the scenes. First and foremost it takes a company that is customer centric.

Thanks again,

Jeffrey Sefton

Thanks Jeffrey for the note! We really appreciate it.

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