Realtor / Farmer Gary Chambers Talks About Selling Real Estate While Farming

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to drop in on Gary Chambers of the famous I was driving from Saskatchewan back towards Calgary to make an evening flight to Vancouver. I had some time, so took a detour to Drumheller, AB to drop in on Gary and check out his farm. Gary is a full time farmer, operating his family farm of over 2000 acres, while being a full time Realtor as well as owner of the local Century 21 office.

It was an interesting trip, I pulled into Gary’s office downtown Drumheller where he gave me the tour of his office and then we jumped into his truck and I tagged along with him for a couple meetings. We met with an investor interested in buying a 12 unit building there (that we toured), as well as a developer who was building a new neighbourhood of a half a dozen houses or so. Then, we took off to visit Gary’s farm.

Gary had to spray the fields and took me along for a ride on the tractor. I shot some video while standing carefully outside the cab on the edge of the walkway. Check out the video below as Gary gives me a little education on the tractor and what he is doing, as well as how he deals with his real estate clients while he is working on the farm.

It is a great example of how todays technology is changing how business is done. Gary, in the middle of his farm, outside of Drumheller, and can be completely in touch with his clients, including dealing with paperwork all through his iPad. Check it out:

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