Recap: Inman Real Estate Connect 2011 ~ San Francisco, CA

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I returned home from San Francisco the other day after 4 days down at the annual Real Estate Connect SF. As usual it was an awesome event. I have had the opportunity to be there a few times, and this was my 3rd time being invited to speak at the conference.

This years event was fantastic with an awesome line up of speakers and of course, a great group of attendees from all over the globe. It is always great to run into friends that you normally only communicate with online.

LobbyCon (hanging out in the lobby of a conference) was a fantastic portion of this conference as usual. There were lots of familiar faces to catch up with.

I had the honor of being on a panel, moderated by Sherry Chris, who is the CEO of Better Homes and Gardens, along with Brian Clark, CEO of and Walter Schild, CEO of Genex. Our panel was all about business of tomorrow and where things are going. My portion of the panel was to speak on how our operations work in 3 countries and how our culture has become so important in our Philippines operations. The crowd was filled with over 1000 agents and brokers from all over the world. It was a privilege being a part of the panel and it was great to learn more about the other panelests as they told their stories.

(Panelists ~ L – R: Stephen Jagger, Sherry Chris, Walter Schild, Brian Clark) (photo by: Chad Johnson)

(On Stage ~ L – R: Walter Schild, Brian Clark, Stephen Jagger) (photo by: Chad Johnson)

(photo by: Chad Johnson)

(View from the back of the room)

With any good conference there are always a few parties organized for the evenings. This conference was no exception.

( party at the top of the Clift Hotel downtown San Francisco)

(Better Homes and Gardens Cocktail Party in the Residences at the St. Regis Hotel ~ L – R: Stephen Jagger, Nicole Nicolay) (photo by: Chad Johnson)

Never been to an Inman Real Estate Connect event? Maybe next year is your year… check out the details for New York 2012 or San Francisco 2012.

(L – R: Gary Chambers, Stephen Jagger) (photo by: Chad Johnson)

2 Answers

  1. Stephen Jagger
    8/2/2011 at 1:35 pm

    Great to see you too Moss! Always a pleasure.
    Looking forward to catching up again soon.

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