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Ubertor has come up with an easy way to post your listings on your Properties page to your Facebook Page for all users on the $37.00, $57.00, $107.00 (Concierge), and $129.99 (Extreme Design) plans. The tool is simple and easy to use, and allows you to show all your properties on your Facebook Page.

The tool is easy to use and you can have your listings on your Facebook Page in 6 easy steps:

  1. Request the feature be turned on by our  Live Help.
  2. Click the Marketing tab in your control panel.
  3. Click Facebook.
  4. Click the Facebook logo.
  5. Pair and authorize Ubertor to your Facebook Page.
  6. Choose which Facebook Page you want your listings to syndicate to.

To upgrade your plan and to get the feature turned on or if you have any questions about the new Facebook feature, feel free to get in touch with Ubertor’s LiveHelp.

Manitoba Realtor, Sharon Webb has already opted to use the new tool, and it looks great! Check it out below:

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