Ubertor’s Site of the Week: Vancouver Island Realtor, Edie McPhedran

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Edie McPhedran's Site of the week

Today we would like to congratulate Vancouver Island’s Edie McPhedran as the this week’s Site of the Week (SOW). Designed by one of our very talented Approved Vendors, Mike Blaney, AKA (The Marketing Guy),  this beautiful website powered by Ubertor, incorporates many of the the design philosophies we stand by.

By applying Mike’s talented avant-garde design and Ubertor’s powerful features, Mike has created a beautiful user friendly website that speaks highly of  Edie’s brand. What makes Edie’s website awesome is the earthy colour scheme that  utlilizes  the simplicity of her design to create a user experience that builds a brand image of comfort, relaxing, simple, down to earth… and that is exaclty what a client expects when choosing to buy or sell their home.

Well done Mike and Edie on such a fantastic job!

Lets take a look at some other features which are equally as important as design and creating brand image: content and structure.


Take a quick glance at Edie’s homepage and you soon realize how her content works in harmony with her chic yet down to earth branding.  Without the “In Your Face” marketing strategies, the content is straight to the point in which the visitor understands what Edie is providing them.

Balancing just the right amount of information without being too concise or writing a thesis on your achievements and services is definitely no easy task. By utilizing Ubertor’s beautiful flash banner feature, these stunningly beautiful high definition nature photos work well with the overall brand. To sum it up everything the visitor needs is there without any unwanted extras. Great for SEO and moving higher up the Google rank.


We found Edie’s website very simple to navigate to find the information we need. Like her content, everything the visitor would need is quickly available without including too many links and pages that might get visitors thrown off by clicking the back page button over and over.

Mike Blaney has done a terrific job in keeping the design philosophy of simplicity and modern, not only in the design of the website, but through the content and structure  Great websites are built by following a design philosophy from everything you incorporate into it and here we have a great example by a very talented Approved Vendor of Ubertor.

We tip our hats to Mike Blaney, and Edie McPherdan for creating and building an awesome Realtor website on the Ubertor platform.

As always, if you have any questions about Ubertor, and how you can get started, engage our team – we’re always happy to help.

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