Owning a Niche in the Real Estate Pond

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Is the Real Estate market too big for you? Feel like a small fish in the big pond? Advice from many experienced Realtors on helping you stand out is taking over a small bit in the big pond and calling it your own.

Throughout the years, I’ve seen many Realtors come and go, and those that stick around (and do quite successful) are the Realtors who have chosen a niche, learned the ins and outs, and became an expert in that chosen niche. My goal with this blog post is to simply share what I’ve seen work so well, for so many.

Now, I define a niche as something you have laser focus on. In the case of Real Estate, that can be a specific area, property type, specific building(s), or even a specific type of clientele.

How you may go about choosing your niche is up to you – it’s all about finding an interest that fits you and your business. And of course, doing the hard work to understand your niche like the back of your hand.

Below is a list of value points I’ve personally seen and experienced with Realtors I have worked with, that have chosen a specialized niche.

Homework + Focused + Specialized = Expert

The first main advantage of having a niche that you are focused and specialized in is becoming an expert in that  field. Remember though, you need to put in the work. You need to study your niche, learn it, and know everything about it. Once you put in the time to understand what it’s all about, let the world know through your marketing. And if you’re the expert, clients will come to you instead of you reaching out to them (true story). And let’s be honest, that’s what everyone wants.

Quality Leads

This leads (aha see what I did there) directly into the next big gain – getting quality leads. Not only are more clients coming to you, but the quality itself is also vastly improved. You can be sure the leads you are receiving have a definite interest already as they’re narrowing down the criteria to what they want to buy or sell.

Branding to a Target Audience

Another benefit of having a niche is that you’re not casting a huge net to sea hoping to catch some grade-A salmon; instead you can develop an efficient and deadly hook, targeting the very fish you want to catch. Having a special group of clientele means that you can better focus on what appeals to them, brand and market yourself correspondingly, and the catch will surely follow.

Search Engine Optimization

And did we mention that the niche will be yours?! Meaning if anyone were to even search for criteria pertaining to your niche, whether it be Point Grey homes for sale (Google “Point Grey homes for sale”) or Coal Harbour Condos (Google “Coal Harbour Condos”), you will automatically rank so much higher just on the basis that your site is directly relevant. Now all you need to do is update your site frequently with relevant content so Google can’t resist putting you up top.

At the end of the day, I’m not saying re-think your entire business plan if you don’t have a niche, but instead keep an open mind to focusing on a niche as there is tremendous value if you do it right. Or if you don’t have a business plan at all, choosing and focusing on a niche may be a good first step.

I’ll follow up with another blog post with a few Ubertor users that have chosen a niche, and have created a plan around it. The goal is to show you first hand, how it’s done, and what you can do with your business and Ubertor.

Here’s an excellent video from Darin Persinger of Productivityjunkies.com breaking down niche Real Estate marketing. The video was created a few years ago, but it’s still very relevant today.

One answer

  1. Jayden Barbour
    10/29/2013 at 8:57 pm

    “Advice from many experienced Realtors on helping you stand out is taking over a small bit in the big pond and calling it your own” – This right here, says it all. Many realtors fail because of losing focus. Concentrate on one area first – niche marketing is actually a divide and conquer game to me. Moreover, there aren’t too much room for failure on this one. Cheers for this article, mate!

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