How to Power Market Your Feature Properties Like a Pro

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What separates an Ubertor site from other providers is our ability to cater to your Real Estate needs. With our control panel making it easy to showcase your listings, are you marketing them to their fullest potential?

Many of our users ask us – “How we do maximize your tools to market our feature properties online?” – well, the answer is below.

Here are some tips on some functions you should be taking advantage of:

1. Photos – this is a no-brainer. How else are you showcasing your lovely property without visual evidence of how wonderful it is? Make sure all the special features of the property are highlighted by taking photographs of them! Also, take a quick read through our old post on how to make sure your listing photos are helping, and not hindering, your sale here. (Tip: Splurge and use HD professional photos – you won’t regret it.)

TinyGrab Screen Shot 08-08-14 3.35.36 PM.png

2. Info, info, info! The more information you provide about your property, the more potential buyers are able to evaluate whether it is their dream house. It also eliminates the feeling that you’re trying to hide relevant info. (Tip: Try to fill in all the fields on our easy-to-use form.)

3. Detailed Description – in this short description, you’re expected to make it sound like the best property in the world. If you have any skills in sales/marketing writing, now’s the time to whip it out. (Tip: Or, just make sure you don’t make these common mistakes.)

4. Map – as part of our system, listings you upload should automatically have a map to illustrate where the property is. Extremely useful for visitors to find where it’s located and to check out the surrounding area! (Tip: You can fix an incorrect location by manual override through the ‘Map’ tab in a listing.)

TinyGrab Screen Shot 08-08-14 3.40.43 PM.png

5. Extra files – like the X-Files, but not. You can upload any relevant documents (floor plans or strata documents) through the ‘Extras’ tab in a listing. More information never hurts! (Tip: Rename the tab title to reflect the content on the right!)

6. Virtual tour – this increases in effort, but with modern trends of the video consumer generation, it’s imperative to keep up. (Tip: You can easily link a Youtube video or your own video link using the ‘V360’ or ‘Video’ tabs in a listing.)

TinyGrab Screen Shot 08-08-14 3.44.03 PM.png

7. Dominate with domains – one way to rank higher in search engines for your property is to purchase a domain for it. After all, it’ll be picked up as highly relevant that the domain actually contains the address (ie.! (Tip: Use the ‘Mini-Site’ tab to add a specific domain for your listing.)

8. Social media – enable social media buttons for your listing so visitors are able to like, share, or tweet it! Never hurts to get the word around. (Tip: Go to Marketing > Social Networks in your control panel for this feature.)

TinyGrab Screen Shot 08-08-14 3.56.35 PM.png

9. Blog – in line with the previous tip, blogging activity always generate momentum for your property. Luckily for you, all Ubertor sites automatically post for you every time you upload a new listing, have an open house, or sell a listing! (Tip: Go to Listings > Options > Auto-Blog to edit the standard templates for what the auto blog says.)

TinyGrab Screen Shot 08-08-14 4.05.14 PM.png

10. Add-ons that count – Add tools to your listing that provide more value to your visitor and potential buyers. An example would be “Walk Score”. Walk Score provides a rank towards your property, in relation to how good its surroundings are: What type of transportation choices are nearby? What shops and parks are close by? What are the travel times from my location?


If someone is looking to buy a property in an area you’re selling in, this information is highly valuable!

11. Feature – last but not least, feature the property on your homepage! To get maximum exposure, have it be the first thing visitors to your website see. (Tip: Select yes under ‘Feature this Property’ on your listing.)

TinyGrab Screen Shot 08-08-14 3.54.29 PM.png

Hit all 11 points in this article, and we’re sure you’ll hit success with your feature property!

As always, if you run into any questions while working on your website, engage our uber friendly team via our Live Help!

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