Jumpstart Your Real Estate Marketing This New Year

By The Marketing Guy

Photo by BoliviaInteligente on Unsplash

2023 is right around the corner, and it's time to start planning on your marketing goals. As the count down to a new year begins, what plans do you have for your real estate business?

These are a few trends to expect in marketing for the new year:


As more homebuyers are starting their journey online, digital content is important for any real estate agent. More realtors are planning on joining the cyber word now more than ever before. As many still continue to work from home and are commuting less to their jobs, the use of virtual tools has grown. This makes it more challenging to meet new clients and leads in person. More realtors are now opting to virtual methods such as improving their website, zoom video conferences, emails, and social media platforms to communicate. 


As everything is becoming digital, the need for printed materials is becoming more obsolete. This means that realtors are now creating more targeted mailers to ensure that home buyers and sellers are actually taking a look and not tossing it away the second they see it. This also applies to business cards, brochures, and outside signages. 

Many agencies are focusing on building on their community awareness rather than direct selling with printed material. During the slower periods of the market, agencies and realtors are now focusing on community building to stay on top of minds rather than selling. Expect to see more realtors providing more information about the market in zoom webinars, Facebook videos, blogs, and other online methods. 


Virtual tours are going to become a staple in 2023. The need to tour a house in person first is no longer a requirement for most home buyers. More agents now include a walk-through video for all their listings to optimize their searches. This falls right under search engine optimization to help drive traffic to their website and, ultimately, a meeting between the two. A video also helps reduce the purchasing process by eliminating the time traveled from house to house. 


Overall, since the beginning of this year, count how many new digital tools you’ve added to your marketing strategy in 2022. Ultimately, in the new year, expect agents and agencies to grow their business with more eye-catching content. By implementing these recent trends for 2023 into your marketing plan, expect to make a long-lasting impression on homeowners, gain more clients, and sell more listings.

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