Website vs Social Media Profile or Page: Which Should You Have For Your Real Estate Business

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These days, it has become quite easy for a business to establish an effective online presence. Real estate website platforms like Ubertor provide a functional and reliable web building and hosting services. They provide you the best all-in-one solutions, whether you want a beautiful website, hosting, domain name, great templates, SEO functionalities, analytics and real-time support.

Additionally, you can also create your online presence through a Google Business Page, LinkedIn profile, Facebook or Instagram page to promote your real estate brand. It is important to figure out what’s best to accomplish your business goals. Most companies find it necessary to have both a social media profile or Page and a great functional website to create an effective brand. But it always pays to understand the specific role of using a website and social media for your business. So, let’s take a glance at what’s best for your business:

Business website vs Social media profile or Page.

Real Estate Website

The biggest advantage of creating a beautiful and proper functional website for your real estate business is that you own it. This clearly means that you can control your brand and its online presence. You also get to decide the content you want to publish on your site. And of course, you can repurpose it to earn maximum revenue.

Although social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook work great to establish and promote your business online, it certainly limits your control on the things you want to do. For example, you need to follow certain rules and guidelines when it comes to posting content. 

When it comes to business websites you have the flexibility to keep it as simple as a one-page flyer, or you can give it a sophisticated look packed with essential tools that helps you generate more qualified leads and close more sales.


  • Improves business credibility – According to a 2019 survey, more than 80% consumers believe that companies with websites are highly honourable. If you own a website, it will definitely legitimise your business and improve credibility.
  • Affordable – These days you can find a number of cost effective options to create a high quality website. It all depends on your business size, requirements and budget. Based on those things, you can browse through dozens of packages that can go further with your business success flow.
  • Helpful for better marketing – When you make your business available online, you can easily communicate with a huge group of people. This helps you to create a large customer base and increase revenue. By having your own personal online platform you can add useful features, such as blogs, videos, customer feedback section, and many more, that take your customer engagement to a different level.
  • Get full control – Having a website gives you the freedom to control what you put on it. You can include plenty of attractive features to make your site more useful for the visitors. You can start with free templates or get assistance with design professionals. It will make you personalise your site to make your online business stand out of the competition.
  • Overhead expense reduction – When you have a solid online presence you can easily spread a word about your brand. These days most customers like to access information online when it comes to knowing about any brand or company. It will reduce the overall cost of operating your business including paid social media marketing.
  • Available 24/7 – With an effective website you can provide your incredible services 24 hours and 7 days in a week through chat support or implementing a chatbot. So most customers can connect with your brand any time of the day.


  • Work hard to attract traffic – You have to put more effort into bringing a large network of visitors on your site. You also need to build and implement an effective strategy to generate more qualified leads.
  • Highly complicated – If you want to personalise your website with sophisticated designs and functionality. You will need to invest money and time in developing it. This can be highly challenging if you try to do it yourself.
  • Regular maintenance – No matter whether you own a small or well-established business. It is important to keep it up-to-date with all the vital information. For this you will need to put sufficient effort and time.

Social Media Profile or Page

Whether a business is small or well-established, setting up a social media profile is really helpful. You don’t have to struggle for longer hours. Just create your account on any popular social media platform and your business profile will be active in a few minutes.

You can also create a business-branded web address. This is a much better way to connect with your audience instead of requesting them to follow you on Facebook. These days most people are on accounts like twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other social media platforms. You just have to create a profile and you can monetize the popularity of visitors who are already using the platform.


  • Easy and low-commitment way – Once you start using a social media platform to promote your business/brand. You don’t have to stick to it for a long time, particularly if you are not getting any results. You can switch to another platform any time after deleting your existing account.
  • Brand Promotion – Most people trust branded pages on social websites. By viewing the profile of a company on a social network customers are able to learn about its purpose and value. This will help customers develop loyalty towards any brand. They also come to know about your business goals and how you respond to queries or doubts.
  • Free and quick – It is really easy and cost-free to create your social media account. However, to promote your social accounts further, you might have to set up paid schemes to get more visitors to visit your page.
  • Customer engagement – With a popular social media profile you can get the attention of a number of buyers. This will facilitate interaction and create relationships.


  • Open Forum – when you have a social media site, the customers can easily interact with you, but all the messages get filtered through the third party platform. This means they can ask questions and raise the number of customer complaints and feedback. This doesn’t give you complete control on your page. You cannot decide who will comment on your site. You can only request your past clients to leave comments on your social pages.
  • Lower design variations – Using social media for your business promotion will give you a disadvantage of limited designs. This clearly means you will have to follow a given layout without making any changes. Though you can adjust the profile picture and cover photo.
  • No ownership – When you create a social media platform for your business you have to go with their terms and conditions. This means you cannot present any content and promotions given in their conditions. Even if you have to do a contest, you will need to comply with their rules or else your page might get suspended from the social media platform.
  • Low variety of reporting tools – Most social websites offer a limited variety of reporting tools and other necessary features. So you can only access the information they want to share with you.



Ideally, every business should have both a website and a social media presence. First, make sure to create a unique website for your brand. It will be much easier to ask for assistance with a professional and reliable web developer company like Ubertor. After you have built an effective site, you then can now focus on creating social media profiles or pages on popular social media channels. Then you can link your website content with your social media pages to gain your followers, attract attention, generate more leads, and close more sales.

Having a combined use of various platforms will help you increase sales and profit in your business.

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