James Warren, Toronto – Testimonial

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I have had my one and only web site with Combustion for one year. And, I am absolutely pleased. I am always amazed that when I call from Toronto, there is always someone live to talk to in Vancouver. They are so very friendly, accommodating, polite and helpful when I have any questions.

I love my web site. And, apparently so do others. It continues to surprise me when I am talking to a client in Switzerland or the U.K. and I suggest they go to my web site for more information. And, their response is “oh I already have you book marked under favourites?. ”

Having my Combustion? web site has made my busy life so much easier. I can refer people to it, when I am taking a day off and they can see wonderful pictures of the properties. This way I dont miss anything. I can even upload my own photos and description, and its so easy.

Because, my web site is so wonderful and Steve and Mike (and their team) are so easy to work with, most of my office is using them for their own use. In fact when new sales people join our firm, they are automatically referred to Combustion.

They are affordable, innovative, unique and edgy. I wouldnt use anyone else. I constantly get compliments on my site from people. I get even tributes from other real estate agents.

I feel I have I have an advantage in so many ways. In fact, I know I have! I wish I could keep it a secret, but since Steve has been so good to our office, I guess we wouldnt mind sharing him and his success.

If you are looking for a website from start to finish, check out Combustion Labs?. This is a company to watch. And, its great that they are Canadian!

“A big thank you to Steve and the Combustion team they truly care!”

James Strathy Warren
Sales Representative
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Limited


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