Systems – create them, follow them

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For our business we create systems for almost everything so that we do. After reading the E-Myth and seeing Michael Gerber speak we began ensure that all roles and jobs within our organization were systemized.

Systems are created so that if you have an employee that gets promoted or leaves your organization you can put a new person in their place with little interuption to the business flow. They can read the binder that itemizes the job and what to do. It has been great for us, because as we grow and our people move up within the team we can add new team members, pass them the binder and almost every question they have it answered.

Realtors can do this (and should do this) for their own businesses – even if they do not have a team or an assistant. You should have a binder that breaks down what you do for certain things. For example:

– – When you get a new listings – –
1. Sign Contract with Home Owner
2. Add New Listing to Website
3. Add New Listing to
4. Blog about new listings
5. Fax contact over to Real Estate Board
6. Print Just Listed Flyers
7. etc. etc.

This way, if your sick, add an assistant most of the work is done. You can just tell them where to look for the answers to their questions.

Treat your business like a franchaise and you will be successful. Systemize Everything!

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