It’s Not About the Money…It’s About Being the Best You Can Be!

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Reading books, or at least listening to the audio version, is crucial for real estate agents who are trying to improve their careers. In fact, the average CEO reads four to five books a month.

If you search real estate books on Amazon there are nearly 70,000 results, with more being published each day. Some of which are great resources and others are either vanity projects or written to sell you coaching services. It can be tough to separate the fluff from the meat on first glance.

One of the must-reads for brand new agents are written by Gary Keller: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: It’s Not About the Money…It’s About Being the Best You Can Be!

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent explains:

  • Three concepts that drive production
  • Economic, organizational, and lead generation models that are the foundations of any high-achiever’s business
  • How to “Earn a Million,” “Net a Million,” and “Receive a Million” in annual income

Below are the some of the key pointers that our team at Ubertor find it interesting from the book:

  • Think big and aim high
  • The choice for Realtor’s has to make: Practice real estate as a job, or  Run it like a business!
  • Actions produce results
  • The 3 L’s
    • Leads: Offline thru word of mouth or via stunning websites by Ubertor
    • Listing: Quality listing with a sharp focus on your specialties and expertise
    • Leverage:
      • People:  Hire administrative support talent first
      • Systems for automation: MLS listing, auto blog writer or listing replication across social media
      • Tools: Websites with MLS listings capability, real estate CRM etc
  • Four Stages of Growth on the Path to a Million Dollar Realtor
    • Think: Think BIG with a purpose
    • Earn: Appointments x Conversion Rate = Listings, x Conversion Rate = Sales, x Avg. Price = Sales Volume, x Commission = Gross Revenue – Expenses = Net Income.
    • Net: Details of the 3 L’s: Leads, Listing and Leverage
    • Receive: Be held accountable and Aggressively pursue passive income in realtor business


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