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I have been speaking with a new client of ours, Linda Linfoot, about her blog and how she can gain more exposure for her website as soon as possible. Her website is new, her domain is brand new, she is a new Realtor and she wants her site to get indexed in the search engines right away.

One way to hurry this process along is to open a Feedburner.com account. Feedburner is free (there is a paid version) and has many tools that will help promote your website, blog and RSS feed.

There is so much you can do with a Feedburner account but for this post, I’m just going to talk about their Email Subscription service.

Do you want to have an Email Newsletter that is quick to setup and automatic so that when you update your blog, your subscribers will receive an email with your latest posts?

With Feedburner and your Ubertor website it is easy. We have done all of the integration for you, you just need to open your Feedburner account and follow the quick steps to setting it up. (want us to do it? click on enhancements in your control panel and we would be pleased to setup your account for you)

Here is the Email Subscription feature of Feedburner and what it did to Linda Linfoot’s website.


After opening your Feedburner account you can activate the Email Subscriptions tab. Right away the Feedburner system will give you options for how your subscribers can signup to receive your email newsletter. It can be added to any page within your website or as a widget (similar to Featured Listing, Recent Blog widgets) Here are 2 screen shots of the options:
Built into any page:
feedburner built into the page

As a Widget:
feedburner widget


Also from this tab you can customize the welcome email that your subscribers receive. Here is a screenshot:


Feedburner also allows you to customize how the emails will look upon arrival into your clients inbox. You can change the text color, add your logo, change the font plus much more. Plus they show you an example of what it will look like:
feedburner email example


When a user subscribes to your email newsletter, Feedburner uses a double opt-in list to eliminate spam. I added my email address to Linda’s website, the system asks me to type in the letter I see within an image and then states that it has emailed me to confirm I am who I say I am. Here is what the email looks like (and keep in mind, Feedburner allows you to customize this first email as well):
feedburner email


When the user clicks the link in their email they are redirected to a Feedburner confirmation page that tells them what they can expect:

Take a look at Linda’s blog page to see the feedburner tools build right in.

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