What is a Lead Generator?

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Many Realtor website suppliers suggest they have “lead generators” built into their software. These lead generators are pushed upon agents that are usually not totally educated as to how the internet works and what a “lead” truly is.

To me, a lead is a prospect that volunteers their contact information because they are truly interested in speaking further about your thoughts/ideas/experience/comments on the market, their home, etc. In other words, you have impressed them somehow and they are looking to take the relationship to the next level.

To me, a lead is NOT someone who has traded their contact details for information that you are withholding from them. Property Searches, Free Reports or any other canned content are a few examples of information that you would withhold from your websites visitors and require their contact information before they can see it. Basically, information that is either useless or free other places on the internet. I suggest to you, that these are NOT leads.

The key words are volunteering versus trading.

Think about it? How many “leads” did you gain from your website that requires users to “log in” or “sign up” for information within your website? How many of those leads turned in to $$$ and how long did you have to follow up with that lead?

When was the last time you gave up your contact information on any website?

I have said it before and I will say it again…
… real estate agents who require the data to be their “value” in a relationship will not be in the real estate business for the long term. It is the agents that interpret the data that are providing the “value” in a relationship.

Are you a real estate agent that is pushing access to the data as your value to potential clients?
Are you a blogging, newsletter writing, opinionated real estate agent that is pushing your knowledge and experience to potential clients?

Hopefully you are the latter.

Did you want more information about what I’m talking about? Are you curious as to why putting your information out on the internet for all to see if of value to you and your business? Give us a call/email for more information.

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