Confused about online social media marketing?

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Cover of Our Social Media Marketing eBookDarren Barefoot and Julie Szabo run Capulet Communicationstogether. They do web marketing and social media relations, mostly for technology companies. They are based in Vancouver, but they spent most of 2007 working and living in Malta. Their plan for 2008 is to live in Morocco.

If Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin mean nothing to you or if your looking to understand more about social media marketing then Darren and Julie’s new ebook is for you. It is an easy read with examples tips.

You can buy their ebook here for $29

Here is a little video they put together explaining more about their book.

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  1. Eli Ally
    5/2/2010 at 10:10 am

    i have tried social media marketing for getting our new products to be known on the market. it seems to work well specially if the audience is targeted ”

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