, Vancouver Loft Realtors, June 23, 2008

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Reid Dewson and Ed Gramauskas, owners of, are Realtors that specialize in the sale of lofts in Vancouver. currently has an Alexa rank of 1,584,831. What is Alexa Rank?

They are currently listing the last ten home in the Pure building at 1252 hornby street.

Reid and Ed have created a site with a unique design that helps set them apart from other Realtors. If we look in the site we find great info on loft lifestyle, what is a loft and the different kinds of lofts. This extra content helps them achieve high rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo. They have a great introductory video that helps the visitor get to know the team at Lofts Vancouver. Hopefully, we will see more of Reid and Ed now that Ubertor has Youtube and Vimeo integration.Their interesting map search takes you to all the listings in a specific neighborhood adding to the ease of use and customer experence.

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