, Vancouver Realtor, September 8, 2008

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SOW – from Cristian Marine on Vimeo.

Hey everyone! Don’t think we forgot about this week’s Site of the Week (SOW). Kudos to Shaun Kimmins for being this week’s Ubertor SOW.

Shaun Kimmins is a Realtor that specializes in selling Condos in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Shaun provides great information on the downtown vancouver area. This is his main site, which he also links to his niche market sites.

He has designed the website professionally, adding his Condo TV show to it, taking advantage of Ubertor’s video capability allowing more interactivity between him and his team and the visitors.

One nice option is feeding his blog posts through Feedburner’s free Email Subscription Service. Other Sites of the Week, such as have also joined the group of Ubertor sites taking advantage of this free service.

Great looks, good content and practical functionality describes

Keep up the good work Shaun!

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