You Need To Be At INMAN Connect09 in New York

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Inman News out San Francisco is a real estate news and technology company that puts on 2 big events every year. Their event “Connect” is held twice a year, once in New York and once in San Francisco.


I have the honor of being invited to be on a panel at this upcoming Inman Connect Conference in New York coming this January. The topic we are discussing is “Use the Internet to Capture Global Buyers”. I have done this in the past, in 2007 I was asked to be on a panel discussing Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing where I was on a panel with a representative from Google, Yahoo and

I know the title of this post is “You Need To Be At INMAN Connect09 in New York” and if you can pop by to say hi to me, that would be awesome too. The main reason I think you need to be there is to see Gary Vaynerchuk deliver the keynote speech.

My other company that I co-founded ( runs step by step web marketing training and we had the opportunity of having Gary attend our course that we ran in Seattle last June. Gary was awesome. He did a great interview with Reachd‘s lead instructor Rodney. He is full of life and has lots of wisdom that he is happy to pass on. So, this January, get your ticket to come see Gary Vaynerchuk at Inman News Connect09 in New York. It should not be missed.

6 Answers

  1. SlickRick
    10/10/2008 at 4:49 pm

    What does Gary Vaynerchuck have to do with real estate? He’s not a technologist (you cannot call doing vlogs on viddler proprietary technology) and he doesn’t have a real estate background. He sells wine and talks about the NY Jets. If you’re looking for a loud, bull shit artist that charges thousands of dollars for ‘supposed’ marketing expertise, that’s what you’ll get. Don’t get me wrong. He’s an entertaining speaker and good at getting a crowd engaged. But for a keynote, wouldn’t someone who is in expert in this housing crisis or an economist be more suitable? I

  2. Stephen Jagger
    10/10/2008 at 6:06 pm

    @ SlickRick – I don’t think it is what Gary knows about real estate that matters but what he has done with technology and the wine business. I think the idea is to show Realtors that they can be the “Gary Vaynerchuk” of real estate. I don’t mean copy him, but follow his push to use the internet to drive business.

  3. Daniel Rothamel, Inman Community Manager
    10/21/2008 at 10:51 am


    I think that Stephen and Jennifer have the right idea. Gary isn’t there to talk about real estate, but that doesn’t mean that his knowledge can’t benefit real estate agents. In fact, I’ve found it to be very helpful personally, in my own real estate practice.

    If economic and market info is what you are looking for, Inman Connect NYC ’09 is featuring TWO keynote speakers, the other being Andrew Sorkin, Wall-Street insider and columnist for the New York Times. There is also sure to be plenty of sparks flying on this year’s Bulls vs. Bears panel, so there is going to be no shortatge of market and economic insight and data.

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