If You’re Not Blogging, You Should Start.

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Unlike most of our blogs this one will be a bit more text heavy but please bear with me. In fact, this is a blog about blogging. I realize that taking the time out of you day to write a blog seems tedious and time-consuming. However, blogging is a simple tool, that when utilized to it’s fullest potential will bring innumerable benefits to your business.

 Blogging For Beginners

By now I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve heard a client tell me “I’m not a blogger” or “can we remove the blog from my site?” Whenever I allude to the blog feature found on the dashboard. To that my reply is this: You don’t have to be a devote writer in order to blog and you most definitely need to have a blog on your site. The key ingredients for starting a blog is genuine interest in your field, the motivation to learn and subsequently share what you what you learn with your audience. Blogging for your real estate business (or any business) is time well spent and it will pay off I promise!


Here are a couple personal tips for first-time bloggers. Get organized and get informed. The best way to be a successful content writer is to plan your posts. Jot down 3-6 ideas for blogs that you would want to publish in a month’s time and schedule them. This will give you the time to do your research and gather any required media. Avoid writing a blog on the same day you will publish it, taking a second look at your work on a different day is always helpful. Struggling to find a topic to write about? Get inspired. Find blogs and publications that you like and read them religiously, once you make a habit of it you’ll see that ideas just come to you! Some of my personal favourites are Sorry For Marketing, Inman Real Estate News, and BetaKit.

If you’re still not convinced that blogging is for you, I hope to change your mind with the following points on how blogging can positively impact your business.

1. SEO!— I knew that would catch you attention. In the last couple of years SEO has become increasingly more difficult than it ever was. Search engines want you to work for and earn that first page placement and nothing accomplishes this better than blogging.  One thing Google loves is original content, write new content and you will see the fruits of your labour displayed on the pages of Google.

2. Connect with your audience and cultivate relationships. Engage your audience with blogs and start up conversations. It’s also a great way to ask for feedback and who knows you might even get a testimonial or referral out of it.

3. Become an industry leader. Share your knowledge about real estate, your community or even a particular hobby you have and gain legitimacy as an expert. Once you’ve established yourself as a reliable source of information people will flock to your site.

4.  Blogging is easy, especially on the Übertor platform, yes we do generate automated blogs, but please don’t settle with that, write your own, get your ideas out there it could even be about an interesting article you read.

5.  Blast your blogs on social media channels and get relevant/wanted traffic onto your site, blogging is a great way to generate new leads.

6. Real Estate agents can sometimes have a reputation of being cold , sales-driven and impersonal. A blog is a great way to give your online persona a voice, become as approachable and likeable online as you are offline.

7. It’s a great way to showcase your accomplishments and milestones! You work hard and are passionate about what you do. Home buyers are looking for success stories and “social proof” that you’re as good as you claim to be. Broadcast your sales, awards, events, or even a new team member on your blog.

If you wish to have more information about blogging using the Übertor control panel, or simply want to bounce off ideas for a next post, give me a shout!


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