– Ubertor Video Testimonial

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Thanks to Ben Schmidt for shooting a video testimonial about his thoughts on Ben talks about the Ubertor video syndication system as well as his thoughts on the Ubertor system as a whole. Thanks Ben for taking the time to shoot a video!!

Video Transcription:
Total Running Time: 2:54 minutes – Ubertor Video Testimonial

Hello there, Fredericton, New Brunswick’s social realtor and really quickly wanna go over some of the aspects that I absolutely love about Ubertor. I know you’d probably come across this video in your information gathering stage whether not Ubertor is the company and product and service that you need for your real estate needs and I’m here to tell you gotta get off the fence, absolutely use Ubertor. They’re phenomenal company and I’ll tell you real quickly what it was that I was looking for in a website company that where I wanted to host my site in. Checkbox number one, was the listings, wanted to make sure that one providing great exposure for my listings and I wanted something that is very user friendly on the back end, something that is very SEO friendly. It’s got multiple picture upload, videos, embedding, and custom pages. It’s got all the things that I was looking for when I wanted to expose my listings so that was number one. Number two for me was the blogging. I generally like to get on maybe for four to five times a week with my video blogs and bringing people up to date with Fredericton market place. If that’s something that you’re looking to do, a big thing is video syndication. Make sure that when you make this video, it gets to where it needs to get to as soon as it possibly can without you multiply uploading your video to a bunch of different sites and Ubertor is absolutely taking care of that for you. Again, that’s got all the textboxes to fill it in and make sure it is very SEO friendly and it’s always gone to youtube and it’s gone to viddler probably the two biggest video sharing sites out there and again they also have combustion video which is Ubertor’s video system. In case anything happening to your videos on youtube or viddler, they’re always there in back up and just recently, they have announced, Ubertor has announced that they are partnering with facebook. And now, you can video syndicate your videos with facebook on your profile page. I gotta tell you just —- the other week, had a couple of videos go up, had a ton more responses per video. And in fact, no where out of a lie, on the very first video that I uploaded, I had an old friend from the past contact me and said “Wow, love your videos. It’s really cool. I have a friend in Fredericton that might be thinking about buying a house real soon.”, sent my contact information to that individual, ultimately they’ve gone in contact with me and cultivated the relationship and hopefully will help this individual get a home soon. So, here to tell you that it absolutely works and the video syndication is just phenomenal so if you have any questions about the Ubertor product and service, any aspect of it, and you wanna talk to somebody that is in a way endorsed by Ubertor, give me an email, it’s and I hope to hear from you real soon.

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