Featured Ubertor Website: The Key Marketing

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The Key Marketing is a Vancouver based condo marketing company. They do work with many of Vancouver’s real estate developers, helping them market and sell their real estate projects. The Key uses Ubertor to power their website and showcase the projects, videos, listings and services. It is another unique use of the Ubertor website system.

From their website:

“Based in Vancouver, The Key is a real estate marketing group that thinks differently. Whether you’re looking to market a residential development, sell or buy a luxury condo or home, rent or rent-out a condo or home, market a single family development or find an exceptional deal for your client – The Key offers a complete set of services that helps homebuyers, realtors, and the very best developers get to exactly where they want to be. Ultimately, we’re here to help real people find the homes that they truly love.”

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