“How Do You Catch a Possible Customer’s Eye?”

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I saw an article that fellow entrepreneur Matthew Weiss wrote the other day in the NY Enterprise Report. I had the opportunity to meet Matthew at an EO Event that I was speaking at in New Orleans. His post touches on Realtors and what he saw in the Southampton area. From his post:

Then, I passed Engels & Volkers, a real estate broker, and stopped dead in my tracks. They had put in place a simple, inexpensive gimmick to get pedestrian traffic to stop and notice their window full of “for sale” photos and listings.

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One answer

  1. steve
    8/30/2010 at 5:43 pm

    It’s a joke what’s happening in the Hamptons. I’ve never seen so many homes for sale and yet every brokerage firm out there is still trying to do business the same exact way they’ve always done…and it’s not working. They don’t get it as to how hard they make the process for buyers and sellers. It doesn’t have to be this hard. Every brokerage store front out there is basically the same…you can’t tell one from the other. With all the money that’s out there and the huge commissions that go with selling a Hamptons home…and this is the best they can do to market homes. It’s pathetic.

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