Guest Post: Parketing

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Editor’s note: Guest author Cameron Herold has been coaching, speaking to, and helping entrepreneurs on five continents build their companies. He started BackPocket COO to be able to coach and mentor young, fun companies, and help them make their dreams happen. Cameron Herold is one of the country’s most innovative business leaders and was a leading force behind one of the most successful new business ventures of the last decade, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. (complete bio)

Parketing, which is parking branded vehicles at high traffic locations has been around forever yet many companies still don’t leverage its power.

My dad used to have his company logos and lists of the products he sold on our family car! It served as a rolling billboard, and he parked it strategically: no matter where we went, he found the spot that would garner the most views from passing pedestrians and other drivers.

Later, with College Pro Painters, many of us painted our old, used vehicles in a bright yellow color with our huge red and white company logos. These “big bird” vans, as they were called, attracted attention and got us clients. Some franchisees even “bartered” with gas stations: in exchange for parking their vans at the stations overnight, College Pro Painters would buy gas from the proprietor all summer long. The arrangement benefitted all those involved, and put College Pro Painters front and center at all times of the day.

To this day 1-800-GOT-JUNK? branded trucks and wrapped cars are a huge percentage of how people first heard about the company. And even if you have to park your vehicle in a questionable area, potential repair costs due to vandalism are far outweighed by the free marketing exposure you’ll get.

Last time I checked, your prospects aren’t walking around your parking lot. They are driving down the streets in the areas near their homes and offices. Where are your company cars & trucks parking tonight? This is one great and effective way of getting you FREE PR!

2 Answers

  1. David Pylyp
    9/1/2010 at 8:40 am

    I believe in the power of advertising
    I understand marketing. I respect the people who are out there putting themselves in the face of the market.

    @HeyAddy is just such a fellow here in Toronto. Very High Profile.

    To me its like running a red light; The camera is in front of you and the lady in the front seat is not your wife. When they mail the ticket the price you pay is high…

    I prefer to be a little more demure.

    Thank you for the posting

    David Pylyp
    Living in Toronto

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