Ubertor Mobile Rolled Out On Every Ubertor Website

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Above features (From L-R) Ubertor’s mobile version on an iPhone of a Realtor’s listing, a custom mobile website, and the home page of a Realtor’s website using the mobile template

A few weeks ago Ubertor officially rolled out the mobile version for every Ubertor website. The mobile version allows for a simple and easy way to surf and navigate through your Ubertor website on your mobile phone.

By default, the mobile version will display the Home, Listings, Blog, and Contact page. It will also show your brokerage, and your full name at the top of the site, with your contact details located at the bottom. A clear example is shown above for Kelley Skar’s Ubertor website above.

If you click into any of the pages using your mobile phone, you’ll notice how easy it is to navigate and view the contents of the page. Above, you’ll see how a listing will display itself right on your mobile phone. It takes the details right off your website and gracefully makes it all work with the listing price, photos, and information.

The Ubertor system also allows you to customize your mobile template. Above you’ll see Dave Snider’s website – a custom site built right on Ubertor’s system. Using the CSS mobile option built into his control panel Dave was able to create the same design he has on his website, for his mobile version as well.

Above you’ll see how to use the mobile functions right in your Ubertor control panel. It’s straightforward, and simple to use. Remember, you can customize your mobile template just like your website through the CSS.

Feel free to contact us if your have any questions regarding this new feature.

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