Staying Productive During the Holidays: The “Realtor” Edition

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With the merry holidays upon us, we all want to take a well-deserved relaxing break to re-motivate ourselves for the new year. However, for the extra edge, some of us are ready to use this time to step up our game for a flourishing start to 2014!

1. Cleanup

Every holiday is a good time to clean out some clutter. And I don’t mean just your house either! It’s time to give your website a good strong rub and get rid of all the outdated content you never bothered to take off. Make sure everything is up to date and current.

In fact, go the extra mile and completely revamp your website for the new year! Start off 2014 with a new refreshing look.

2. Get organized

While cleaning out the junk, you might as well get your ducks in a row to make it more easily manageable and it stays clean. Check all the different platforms that you use and make sure it is all consistent. There shouldn’t be any disparity in information offered to the public. If you have multiple sites, or use social media, make sure it’s all on the same page (pun intended).

The most important part of this is organizing your leads. As the bread and butter of your business, you better get cracking on how your leads are managed.

3. Reflect. And analyze

As cheesy as it is, it’s undeniably true that we all reflect on the past year as it comes to an end. What worked for you in 2013? Better hold on to that hard-earned knowledge!

Get number crunching on the statistics and show how current you are by sharing your analysis.

4. Have fun. Explore

This sounds like a no-brainer at first, but how you can tie it into work is the part that needs refining. Go to a few parties and expand your networks. Making friends in the business is always the easiest way to get some insider tips. Making friends outside the business will give you an inside look into the mind of potential clients. Work everything to your advantage.

Go out exploring. Find something that you’re interested about? Make it your niche! Delve into it, specialize in it, and own it.

5. Plan and prepare

I suppose no new year list would be complete without this – new year goals. Make a viable game plan for 2014 on what you want to achieve and actual steps on how you will go about doing it. Give it a reasonable timeline. Put it up by your computer so you can look at it everyday and be reminded what you are working towards.

From the entire Ubertor Team to you and your families, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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