Real Estate Websites 101: A Successful Homepage

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While tracking the process of building our clients’ Real Estate websites, I’ve noticed that some Realtors are still missing basic, key elements that makes home pages successful. Don’t worry though, I’ve gathered 6 points you can see below, that you should consider adding, when building your home page.

1. Name and Contact Info

It hardly seems fair to even include this on the list as it’s an absolute no-brainer. This is always displayed as prominently as possible as you are marketing yourself. But you’ll be surprised how many times, some Realtors forget to add their phone number or EMail on their homepage.

2. Calls to Action Buttons

Any marketing strategist will tell you that to create leads, you need calls to action. Get visitors clicking on something that interests them to take them to a contact form where they can leave their contact info, or allows them to call you on the spot – this is valuable for you to nurture them into a client.

3. Feature Listings

As a Realtor, what better way to grab your potential clients’ attention than to WOW them with spectacular listings you’re selling. It’s one way to get straight to the point, and also lets your current clients know you’re keeping their property up front and centre.

4. Photography

This is just a surefire way to make your websites aesthetically appealing and not a total bore with just text. If you’re a Realtor focusing on a specific area, add photos that reflect the area you’re marketing and selling in.

5. Testimonials/Awards

This is something you can showcase to emphasize how good you are at what you do – whether it be testimonials from your loving clients, or awards and recognition that you’ve achieved – it’s always nice to have a gold star on your wall.

6. Social Media Links

For the Realtors who are more social media savvy, put your social media links to show how exposed you are, and allow visitors to get connected to your profiles.

Some last minute tips from our experience is that as a general rule, we always try to feature what’s important on top. After all the first thing visitors see on websites is what’s above the fold. Another modern trend that’s popular right now is to keep it simplistic so that the relevant information and call to actions stand out more prominently! Keep it streamlined and avoid cluttered sites.

Feel free to contact our team or Ubertor’s Approved Vendors if you have any questions, or are looking for a second opinion on your home page to get it up to par!

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