Ubertor Attends Zen U!

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On Thursday March 20, 2014, two happy Ubertor team members went to attend their first class at Zen U: College of Customer Happiness. Offered by Zendesk as an opportunity for their users to learn more about their product, Ubertor sent Crystal Lai (UberCrystal) and Danica Lopez De Leon (UberDanica) in Vancouver, to absorb some ‘Zendesk knowledge’.

photo 1.JPG

Class is in session!

photo 2.JPG

First time Zen U students, Crystal Lai and Danica Lopez De Leon

For those of you who have tried to contact Ubertor’s support via email, you may be familiar with the ticketing system offered by Zendesk. Therefore, to continuously find better ways to support our users, our team had to get some advice from Zendesk in person 🙂

photo 3.JPG

Zen U name tags for Ubertor

photo 4.JPG

Zen U in Vancouver

All in all, it was a fun and knowledgeable day at class (especially with the fantastic food offered by Zendesk)! Our team can’t wait to attend the next Zen U course.

photo 1.JPG

Yummy food bar at Zen U

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