Introducing Our Newest Platinum Approved Vendor: Web Mainland!

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Foreign investment has been strongly impacting the Vancouver housing market. It has increased steadily over the last decade and continues to be a main driver to the increasing prices of detached homes. This new demographic of big buyers has meant a necessary readjustment for realtors. Recently  Chinese real estate agents have been dominating the high-end real estate market in Vancouver, running websites that specifically targets offshore buyers.

Our newest approved vendor focuses on curating the relationships with foreign buyers and providing solutions for local realtors to become better equipped with this demographic.

  1.        What does Web Mainland do?

Web Mainland Media Ltd. Company is an established bilingual website design and Wechat marketing company.  Our advantage lies in our progressive web design skills and concise knowledge of the Chinese market development. Our customized, bilingual and professional design services, effectively aid business growth. We have cultivated close relationships with successful realtors and influential real estate brokerages such as MacDonald Realty and Royal LePage. We are dedicated to our clients and help hundreds of native English-speaking realtors develop an enticing international buyers market.  Our accurate listing translation, Baidu SEO and Wechat market page design have all  proven to be efficient marketing tools that attract international buyers.  We believe bilingual websites create are the next chapter for real estate industry!

      1.        Tell us about what inspired you to found Web Mainland.

The real estate market is rapidly changing. Online integration is now becoming an essential part of any real estate business endeavour. Market statistics indicate a drastic increase in online searches specifically pertaining to real estate. For many real estate agents, there is an untapped market of potential home buyers. Our goal is to encourage real estate professionals to make smart use of automated marketing tools and to have effective websites in order to take full advantage of these significant changes in the market.

      1.        Why are bilingual websites so important in our market?

According to The  Province (Nov-2nd,2015), study shows 70% of detached homes sold in a six-month period on Vancouver’s west side went to Mainland Chinese buyers. Realtors need to cater their marketing efforts towards them.

As for Wechat Marketing, research has shown that over 90% of Chinese people have Wechat installed on their smartphones, and 25% of wechat users check their message more than 30 times a day.

Because of this, Wechat marketing and bilingual website are effective tools for realtors to promote themselves and to communicate with their clients as well as to post recent listings.

      1.        What interests you particularly about the real estate industry?

We’re fascinated by the possibilities! An industry that used to be strictly national is becoming more and more global. There is a great need for bilingual website and Wechat marketing in Western Canada due to the increasing number of buyers from Mainland China. Currently, the real estate business in North America remains drastically different from China’s in many aspects. By encouraging the use of Wechat Marketing, and bilingual Websites, realtors will be able to connect with customers anytime anywhere.  To us, it’s essential that our company bridges the gap between Western and Chinese culture so that we can all discover the potentials of the local market together.


      1.        Give us a rundown on some of your services?

Bilingual Website Design- We are experts in website design. We’ll customize your websites, both in Chinese and English versions on the powerful Ubertor platform. You’ll have input on the design process and we’ll make sure your site is optimized.  All content on your website including listing details can easily switch between English and Chinese at any time. We pride ourselves on original content creation, the Chinese content we provide you with is not a robotic translation. We elaborately work on the wording for better SEO results.

Wechat Marketing- we translate your listing and make it into a Wechat Post so you can easily reach your clients and pass your listing information through Wechat no matter where they are.

      1.        Describe Webmainland in three words.

Communication, Humanity and Technology.

      1.        What’s the best way for new clients to get in touch with you?

      Wechat QR code  (i could not attach the picture here, please see the doc. In the email attachment)


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