Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business: Twitter Edition

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Last time we discussed the in’s and out’s and the importance of using social media to its full potential using Facebook. This week we move a long the large plethora of social media platforms to @Twitter where all the cool #trends seem to be!

Optimizing Social Media Platform #2: Twitter twitter-circle-logo.png

Twitter is widely used by many people to create followers. It is a phenomenal way to connect with your clients using 140 characters (or less) to give updates to your followers. Let us show you how to deepen your relationships below:

TWIT FEED.jpg.jpg

A) Tweeting

Posting a tweet can be effective in numerous ways. You can post a link or helpful article to help give tips to your followers on moving or staging a home for better sales or you can post about local news and charity events. Aside from showcasing your knowledge of your neighborhood and expertise in your field of real estate, these suggestions also imply a message that tells your followers that you care – about them, the community, and that you are a trustworthy individual.

stevens teamstwtr.jpg

B) Use Hashtags & Mentions

Tweets become seen by more than your followers on Twitter, but by people who are searching for what you’re saying using hashtags. Make sure you use your hashtags effectively. A great way to use them is to make it relative to your geographical region (i.e. #Vancouver) and also relative to your post (i.e. #movingout). Combine this feature with @mentions – a great relationship-building tool.  Mentioning people on Twitter is used not only to keep in contact with your clients but also to publicly congratulate those who go through you to buy or sell their homes.

HASHTAGS .jpg.jpg

C) Tweet your Listings

While keeping in mind the 80/20 rule, it is extremely important you don’t post your listings in a way that doesn’t demonstrate that you are thinking of your clients. Use it in a fashion that you are engaging your clients, telling related news, and marketing your home for sale. Include information on your place as well as images all intertwined into the single tweet. Furthermore, integrate contests to capture more attention just as you would with Facebook and get your tweets seen by not only your followers but their own too.


Twitter in Conjunction with Ubertor:

Your Ubertor website allows you to set up Twitter via the “MARKETING” tab, to have Twitter appear on your website!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.08.31 AM.png

Or have a Twitter icon on your website, linking to your Twitter page:

Don’t hesitate to contact us or chat with us if you are in any need of help to successfully utilize Twitter.

Stay tuned for our next lesson, “Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business”… Pinterest Edition!

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