Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business: Pinterest Edition

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Continuing on our social media spree, our next lesson to exercise your social media rights to its maximum capacity, is on the social media platform Pinterest!

Optimizing Social Media  Platform #3: Pinterest


Pinterest is a great social media website designed to show off your visuals. This fourth largest social media company is designed to speak to people through images. Your listings get sold by appealing to visual emotions, right? Lets apply this to Pinterest. On this platform, you set up boards, pin images, and engage by repinning, liking and commenting.

Here’s how:


A) Set up boards

Since Pinterest is all about using images, setting up boards to highlight you and your business is critically important. You should set up several different boards. Include one for your neighbourhood, which sells the area surrounding your listing (eg. amenities, shops, etc), one for your own lifestyle (show prospective buyers who you are and what you like to do), one for home decor (illustrate your beautiful home decor for your listings), and one for your listings (keeping in mind 80/20 rule). When blended together, you create a page on this social media platform that sells not only the listing, but you as a realtor – someone who is trustworthy and real.


B) Hashtags & Contests

Just like Twitter, you want to leverage the ability to be able to connect with as many people as possible – even people that you don’t even know! The way to go about doing this is by using the hashtag feature on this platform. The key again is to use them strategically specific to your region. Alongside that, use contests and sweepstakes and even group offers to gain more engagement. Visit this article for Tips on Using Hashtags on Pinterest!

Pinterest in Conjunction with Ubertor:

Your Ubertor website allows you to set up Pinterest via the “MARKETING” tab, to have Pinterest appear on your website!


Or have a Pinterest icon on your website, linking to your Pinterest page:


Please do contact us or chat with us if you are in any need of help using Pinterest to your full advantage!

Stay tuned for next week’s “Optimizing Social Media to its Potential for Your Real Estate Business”… LinkedIn Edition!

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