Restructure Your Site to Attract New Markets: Morning Yu’s Bilingual Real Estate Website

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A couple of weeks ago a colleague of mine here at Übertor published a blog about  Attracting Overseas Buyers with a Bilingual Website . I’d like to follow up on that since I can’t stress enough how important it’s become to cater to foreign investors. Merely adding a google translation widget on your site isn’t going to cut it. It’s about channeling an understanding for a different demographic, meeting needs and being relatable to this potential new customer.

To better illustrate our vision for a bilingual real estate website site, I’d like to showcase a recently completed bilingual site by Übertor. Morning Yu, is an award- wining realtor, top seller at New Coast Realty selling over 180 properties in 2015 alone. Let’s take a closer look at her new, responsive, bilingual website.

Default site is in English with the option to easily switch to Chinese by clicking a tab on the navigation bar. The navigation bar and corresponding sub-tabs automatically change without compromising the aesthetic integrity of the site. 




Active listings view: Intuitive flow for search listings online. Addresses remain in English while the key details of the property are shown in Chinese characters. 



When viewing a property’s overview page whether it be for owned or reciprocity listings, all labels and call-to-cation buttons are in Chinese. 



If you’d like more information on how to transform your website to reel in new costumers, don’t be shy! We want to help you. 


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