Top 5 Local Real Estate Headlines: March 2016

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Real Estate was at the epicentre of our news feed yet again this past month. From luxurious listings, to scandal and even a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, one thing remains true about the real estate industry in our fair city: it’s always full of surprises. Here are the top 5 local real estate headlines for March 2016.

See the view that got this Vancouver home to sell for $1.1M over its $7.8M asking price

Published March 4th, 2016 by the National Post


Vancouver ranked best luxury real estate market in the world

Published March 13th, by CTV News Vancouver

$2.3 billion to be funnelled into social housing in Canada

Published March 22nd, by VancityBuzz


Vancouver Real Estate Board increases fines for unethical Realtors

Published March 28th, by The Vancouver Sun

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