Ubertor Approved Vendor Spotlight: Point Two Design

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Point Two Design Vancouver


There is so much more to a brand that just beautiful design. A business’ branding has to have deep-rooted meaning and character. No one knows this better than Ubertor’s newest approved vendor, Point Two Design. This dynamic team of designers and marketing experts go the extra mile to get to know you before putting pen to paper. The core of their unique creative process is based on understanding your goals, visions and personality in order to create powerful and meaningful design assets.

The more we got to know them the more we loved them, and so will you! Get to know the Point Two Design team in this informative interview and find out what they can do for you!


  1. Who makes up the Point Two Design team? What does each member bring to the company?


The Point Two Design team is comprised of its two owners and creative directors Emily Warkentin and Owen de Lancie as well as our Ubertor and SEO specialist and real estate insider Natalie Frizzo. Our team has a wide background coming from architecture, marketing and design practices. We believe that marketing and design are most successful and engaging when you break the mold of typical design by exploring options from many disciplines and best practices from different industries. Introducing tools and skills from our various backgrounds in design gives our real estate clients unique custom branding and marketing suited to their needs and their personality. We are problem solvers and when it comes to all levels of a project we have the diversity in skills to tackle every design with a wide arsenal of skills and experiences.


  1. Tell us about how Point Two Design came to be?

Point Two Design was created by its founders Emily and Owen who had been working in the marketing and architectural worlds respectively. The founders are themselves designers who like to step out of their comfort zones, take risks and create designs, which they are proud of. The projects in Point Two Design’s repertoire include product design for companies seeking great branding and packaging for their product, designing and manufacturing print material sold across North America, handling the sales of that print material, architectural modeling, drafting and rendering and of course real estate marketing and branding design. Point Two Design is a company of young entrepreneurs with the potential to bring fresh new designs to the Vancouver and North American market.


    1. What services do you offer? Do you have any examples you can share?


Our services when it comes to real estate design are many. From complete rebranding and unique marketing solutions to individual single property websites and feature sheets. The Point Two Design team can tackle almost any challenge our clients can think up. Once again, we are problem solvers and we enjoy taking on the ideas our clients bring to us. It is our job to take those ideas and figure out how to make them real. We also pride ourselves in being more than an assembly line of design. Marketing and branding design needs to be personal for it to be effective. We like to tell our clients that we are more than simply the people choosing fonts or colors. We see our role as helping to build our clients’ businesses and to free up their time so they can spend as much time as possible doing what they do best. From beautiful print material designed and printed quickly and on demand to custom drone footage and beautiful walkthrough videos and photos as well as custom Ubertor websites, no project is too large, nor too small.


    1. What interests you about the real estate industry?


Real estate marketing is an industry, which is in need of a transformation. Designs can easily look like “cookie-cutter” templates making it difficult to distinguish a good agent from a great one. We’ve worked with many agents who try to use a designer as little as possible and too often we’ve seen them get frustrated with the printing process, poor printing results and slow turnarounds. We say: “leave those details to us and go sign another listing.” We are always up-front with our clients that the way you present yourself directly impacts the amount of listings you can sell. We stand by our style and our designs very strongly and what we enjoy about doing what we do is seeing those designs work hard for our clients. It’s like watching someone try on their first fitted suit. Sure you can go to a department store and get a manufactured suit. But, when someone tries on their first real suit you can see a noticeable change in their confidence and personality. They embody that suit and it super charges them. That is what a fabulous custom designed brand does for our clients. It makes them excited about what they are doing which ultimately leads to becoming more successful. We love seeing that first hand.


    1. How does Point Two Design differentiate itself from the competition?


We are a young group of entrepreneurs. We truly feel that we bring to the market a cutting edge sensibility. Unlike many companies out there Emily, Owen and Natalie believe that to be an effective part of a design firm you have to constantly be keeping up with cutting edge design and the tools used to make them. You have to “get your hands dirty” if you want to continue to be relevant in the quickly changing world of marketing and design. That’s what keeps things interesting for us, the new and innovative ideas from all over the world make us who we are and where we are going.

When it comes specifically to real estate marketing projects what sets us apart is that we take our designs from concept stage to finished product. Too often we’ve seen agents receive final design files and then they’re left on their own to get them printed. That won’t happen with us. It is our job to work with our trusted printers to get our clients fair pricing and fabulous printed marketing material. We also like to think out of the box. Because we are involved in design in many different fields, we’re always bringing fresh ideas to the table. We want each and every customer to feel that we’ve represented their unique personality in both their Ubertor website, as well as their printed marketing material.


    1. Describe Point Two Design in three words.


Clean, Simple, Cutting-edge.


    1. What’s the best way for new clients to get in touch with you?


New clients can go to our website and get in contact with us as well as take a peek into the services we provide. pointtwodesign.com We are also always willing to chat by phone and meet in person to have a more personal conversation about the project or idea they envision.


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