NEW Feature: Simplified Community Search

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We’ve been expecting you

We’re pumped about this one. We’ve turned a process that implied hours of tedious work and frustrating support emails into and easy-as-pie automated community search. Sayonara ironic manual autofill categories and hello automized community page.

How it works

Our newest update is a software module that automatically pulls all active listings pertaining to a selected area and slots them into that area’s different neighbourhoods and communities. These listings will update automatically, so no need to worry about outdated information. You’ll also be able to update the search, i.e. add/remove areas anytime you want.

With this simplified community search tool you can establish a broad search criteria based on area and property type. Select as many areas in within your board as you want, then select the type of properties you’ll want to display and presto!

You’ll go from this:

To this, in a matter of seconds:


Here are some Übertor clients who are already using the community search on their real estate websites: Ben Gardecki and Tyler Giesbrcht. Pretty neat eh?

So what’s the catch?

Gotcha! There is no catch, this new feature is 100% FREE so if you’re interested in having it on your site simply give us a poke on live chat or shoot us an email to and our tech team will turn on the module for you and you’ll be able to take over from there!


We love feedback! Please let us know what you think.


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