Top 5 Local Real Estate Headlines: April 2016

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The Vancouver real estate market remains one of the most popular topics, highly covered by national media sources and discussed by residents and outsiders alike. It’s become somewhat of a socio-economic phenomenon, and it seems to affect you whether you work in real estate or not, and whether you own a home or not. And just when we think we’ve seen and heard it all…think again, here comes Vancouver real estate with yet another surprise. Take a look at the top 5 local Real Estate headline for the month of April.

Canaccord founder Peter Brown’s Point Grey mansion sells for $31.1 million

April 1st 2016 by The Vancouver Sun

Regulatory overhaul in works for B.C. real estate industry

April 12th 2016 by The Globe and Mail

Nine out of the 10 most expensive homes in Canada are in B.C. — and worth more than $300 million

April 20th 2016 by The Province


The three faces of Canada’s increasingly strange housing market

April 25th 2016 on Canadian Business


Vancouver houses are overvalued, but CMHC says price acceleration isn’t a concern

April 27th 2016 by The Financial Post

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