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There are many ways for a Real Estate website to stand out. However, in order to separate yourself from the influx of Agents abound working to make their online presence known, it needs to stand out in a way that compels users to stick around long enough to take action. Subsisting on a standardized template just might not be enough anymore, & neither is good content if it isn’t appealingly displayed. This week, we hand pick 3 websites here on Ubertor that go beyond the meaning of a customized design, & exemplify fully-personalized branding, with designs that are unique to each of them & truly away from the crowd.



Claire LeLacheur Real Estate Site Showcase

  • BEAUTY MEETS CREATIVITY: It takes more time to describe than for anyone to see right away that Claire’s site is not only absolutely stunning, but rife with personal touch. You want your first impression to be a lasting (& not the last) impression, & upon arriving to Claire’s website, visitors won’t be able to help but stay & find out what lies behind the red door. This goes for any device you’re peering her site on, as it has been programmed to fully function responsively!
  • MODERNIZED LAYOUT: Subsequently after the initial welcome, everything you need to do business with Claire is laid out in streamlined & decorous order. Employing the latest techniques in design technology – like gorgeous parallax scrolling to add an extra layer of dimension – Claire’s site is laden with interactive content & appeal that effortlessly provokes visitors to take their respective action.



Carolyn Scime Real Estate Site Showcase

  • FIRST CLASS APPEARANCE: Another beautiful design from our approved vendors at Limelight Marketing, everything about Carolyn’s website emanates elegance & class. From well chosen typography to high definition photos showcasing the quality of homes they deal with – such as equestrian property – this design is a sure hit with their target market & beyond.
  • EFFECTIVE USE OF COLOUR: Gray already being a sleek & professional hue to administer on branding, Carolyn’s design makes smart use of this monochromatic tone by contrasting it against sparse, but effective pops of colour. Colour foils are used by designers to draw the spectator’s eye to a particular area, & Carolyn’s design does just that by creating beautiful, yet unobtrusive colour contrast.
  • FOCUSED MLS SEARCH: With a fixation on a few, focused, communities in the Toronto area – complete with attractive presentation right on the home page – visitors looking to shop or sell within the area can be certain that their needs will be well attended-to.

Interested in seeing more from Limelight Marketing? Head over to their website to view their full portfolio & connect with their team!



Sunny Day Real Estate Site Showcase

  • MEANINGFUL GRAPHICS: Nothing proclaims “CLICK ME!” more than utilizing unique & dainty graphics for your site’s call to action elements. Good graphics are great visual communicators & a lot of credibility is to be had when a design is customized, with a message exclusively belonging to that business alone. With branding borderlining art (By our talented Approved Vendors at CREB no less!) Sunny Side Real Estate has a design that expresses the adventurous, & nature imbued spirit of the Vancouver community.
  • CUSTOM PROPERTY PAGES: Not only do they feature a broad scope of neighbourhoods for prospective Vancouver buyers & sellers, Sunny Side Real Estate also breaks the mould by having their listings featured in a 2-column format, consistent with their branding’s design. This gives visitors a clean & structured, browsing experience.

Want to see what else CREB has in store? Head over to their website to view their full portfolio & connect with their team! 

Are you a Real Estate Agent looking to take the next step in your business by transforming your website to fully meet your branding needs? Contact us today to connect with our very own design experts who can help enhance, & make the most out of your web design!

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