Real Estate Agent Marketing Tips For The Holidays

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‘Tis the season to show your clients you appreciate them!

There are countless things you can do in this holiday season to let your clients know that you are thinking of them. Here is a list that could help spread the holiday cheer:

Client Appreciation And Neighborhood Social Gathering
Throwing an enjoyable, stress-free, unique client event shows your clients just how awesome you are and how much you value their time and relationship.

Creating a unique experience they can share with their friends or brag about afterwards is going to make them feel better about doing business with you because you’ve demonstrated your gratitude for their business by giving back.

Social Media Project: Post A Holiday Greeting on Social Walls
Get in the holiday spirit! Use the holidays as an opportunity to shine a light on your real estate business. When you understand and integrate what Social Media offers into your marketing campaign, it can make the difference in having a successful holiday season.

The period leading up to the holidays is the largest consumer spending time of the year. People buy gifts for others and themselves. Since they don’t always know what they’re looking for, help them.

Personal Delivery, in an elf suit, with some music — why not?
This is a great initiative that will result in building a much greater connection between you and your customers. When they see you doing something extra special, like personal delivery, they will always remember you and you’d be a part of their memory that means more referrals to your real estate business.

Make hot cocoa jars, add a small bottle of Kahlua and drop them off on door steps. Or drop off cookie dough and cookie cutters with sprinkles and frosting. Or deliver holiday ornaments. Or bring over poinsettias or amaryllis bulb kits, which will bloom year after year.

All it takes is just doing something special, personally, to them and it’ll be your business’ instant ticket whenever they have a requirement that involves real estate.

Send Holiday Greeting Cards
Holidays are the best time to show business clients how grateful you are to them. And nothing beats a printed card with your handwritten message on it.

Deliver festive blessings and seasonal wishes to customers with your personalized message in a holiday greeting card and they will appreciate it so much that whenever there’s a new business opportunity that pops up on them, they will remember you.

Dress Your Website To Impress
Get into the holiday spirit by making your website as festive looking as it can be. Use the occasion of the holidays to enhance your image and inspire customers. Generate warm, positive feelings towards you and your brand at this time of the year by changing your website’s vibes that you are also celebrating the holidays!

The holiday season can be full of merriment, hustle and bustle. Have fun. No matter what you are celebrating, connecting with your community during the holiday season has always been the best way to show them that you value them.

Don’t stress about what to do for your clients, and remember it’s the thought that counts!

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