SEO Strategies For Your Real Estate Business

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As digital technology and home buying experience progress, so too must your marketing plan. Specifically, you need to start thinking and go digital. But let’s be real—the probability of a homebuyer stumbling across your company or your listings and creating a lifelong relationship are slim. If you want to generate qualified leads and sell more properties, your real estate business needs to be present in front of a homebuyer’s face at the moment they’re searching for properties. It’s doable with some SEO.

SEO, also known by its real name, ‘Search Engine Optimization’, has given a great share of its contributions to the world of online businesses and startup companies. Not only that, SEO has also helped revolutionize the worlds of content, email, and digital marketing as we know it, as well as several industries that specialize in marketing through content, like real estate.

How can SEO Help the Real Estate Industry?
Nowadays, almost everything can be found online, chances are that websites from real estate companies have delved and thrived in the digital world as well. After all, people these days don’t just walk around outside and look at the houses they want (though they still do), they usually prefer to do it in the comfort of their own homes and in front of their computer and smartphone screens.

With that said, it’s undeniable that SEO has helped real estate garner the traffic they need and aim for. Since operations are mostly online, most real estate companies in the industry have made sure that their services extend to that of beyond their usual scope of business.

Below you’ll find a guide to succeeding with real estate SEO:

– Make your website mobile-friendly, fast, and secure
– Optimize everything for the right real estate SEO keywords and best SEO practices
– Blog posts can help increase traffic through content
– Pictures of properties are the stars of your real estate website

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly, Fast, and Secure
44% of all home buyers first looked for a property online, and 72% of home seekers use a mobile device or tablet to conduct home-buying research.

If you want to capture the attention of today’s home buyers and draw them to your sales funnel, you need to figure out all their home-searching concerns and you need to do it online.

Also, most home buyers look for homes using their mobile devices or tablets, which means your website must flow seamlessly and beautifully from a desktop to a mobile viewport. That means your videos, photos, and landing pages all need to be optimized for mobile viewing, and you need to tailor your content for easy consumption like search tools, easy to click images, neighborhood information, and property listings.

Optimize Your Website Content for the Right Real Estate SEO Keywords and Best SEO Practices
Search engine optimization was built around keywords, but not all keywords are created equal. There are two considerations when choosing keywords: intent and search volume.

Search intent: The “why” of the search
Search volume: How many people actually search for that keyword

The best ways to find your ideal real estate keywords include using the “Searches related to” section at the bottom of the search results page and an SEO tool to find search volume. We recommend you use a mix of Google Ads Keyword Planner, Moz, and the free browser extension Keywords Everywhere.

Try to learn the best keywords that will draw your customers to your website and landing pages. By developing and dedicating a research around keywords, you’ll understand how you can develop better content.

Blog posts can help increase traffic through content
If you were to visit any website on the web, one of the first things that are looked at by numerous visitors is none other than the content showcased on the site, particularly blog posts by numerous writers. After all, if you’re aiming for engagement with your audience, then giving them something to read about that triggers their interest is the best way to go!

With the help and capabilities of SEO, blog posts can become widespread throughout the web, which can definitely help increase the traffic for your website. Topics like, Tips on How to Buy Your First Home, Home Renovation 101, and many others will help you build your reputation as a real estate brand.

Pictures Of Properties Are The Stars Of Your Real Estate Website
Consumers are all about the visuals these days, and they want to know everything they can about a home before visiting it. Having high-resolution photos can enhance your property presentation and catch more customers.

Consider these statistics:
Listings with sharp photos sell at or above list price, 44% of the time
89% of home buyers find photos on a website extremely helpful
78% of real estate firms show agent and staff photos on their website
Real estate is projected to account for 22% of all drone use by 2020

There are numerous reasons for you to consider the use of SEO in the real estate industry. In today’s modern business outputs, various approaches are being used for the purpose of rising to the top of the ladder – and with SEO, any industry is bound to get the boost they need in rankings, as well as maximum engagement with their visitors and leads.

People are searching the web right now for a new place to call home. Will they find YOU or one of your competitors?

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